David & Diana's Excellent Vacation In Sweden

Friday, July 30, 1999

Well, today is our last day in Stockholm.  We're going to visit Drottningholm Palace, the Royal Family's residence.  Next, we're going back to Gamla Stan to look for souvenirs.

Drottningholm Palace

Diana poses with one of the ubiquitous lions in front of the palace.  You may say "The palace looks like nothing more than a facade."  They were working on this side of the palace and covered the work area with something that looks like the palace.  We could see the other sides of the palace in all it's glory.

One of the palace guards makes his rounds.

Here's the back of the palace.

Diana poses with an interestingly shaped tree.  Oh those Swedes!

Here are our intrepid adventurers.

Gamla Stan

Diana relaxes while waiting for lunch at an outdoor table at Rodolfino's in Gamla Stan.  The lunch only cost about $30.

Cheers ...

See the narrow streets in Gamla Stan

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David & Diana's Excellent Vacation In Sweden

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