David & Diana's Excellent Vacation In Sweden

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Happy Birthday Hans!!!

Thursday promises to be an exciting day.  We're planning our first solo trip on the subway.

If there's one thing more common in Sweden than Blondes and Volvos, it is cell phones.  We saw them everywhere.  However, Hans' cell phone is broken so he is going to spend Thursday morning getting it fixed.

Diana and David are going back to Gamla Stan to complete the Royal Palace tour and maybe stop by the Riksdagen (Parliament).  We'll meet with Hans later (using the cell phone we borrowed from Anette).

Anette and Rasmus wave goodbye from their apartment just in case we get lost, never to return.

Hurray!  We made it to Gamla Stan.  Actually, the Stockholm subway system is very easy to understand.  We were never in danger of getting lost.

First, we want to finish our tour of the Royal Palace.  We tour the Royal Apartments and Halls of State and Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities.

This is a guard posted at one entrance to the Royal Palace.

This is Rocky's favorite photo from our Sweden trip.  It's a huge lion statue outside the Royal Palace.  I'm not sure why but the lion is a symbol of Sweden.

After taking a break for more ice cream, we toured the Riksdagen (Parliament).

The Swedish Parliament meets in this chamber.

Hans meets us after the Parliament tour and he gets to try out his new cell phone headset talking to Diana.  I told you cell phones were everywhere in Sweden.

Is Monica in Sweden?  No wait, the sign doesn't say "Slut Area", it says "Slut Rea".  By the way, "Slut Rea" means "final sale".

Diana and Hans serenade us back at the apartment.

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David & Diana's Excellent Vacation In Sweden

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