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Friday, September 22, 2000

We just can't seem to get enough of the Pink Pony. They serve a good breakfast in a nice atmosphere and the service is pleasant.  

Our trip is winding down. We visit one of the oldest remaining casinos on The Strip, The Stardust, home of the Wayne Newton Theatre.

We passed on the show because we'd rather gamble away the $50. 

Being savvy travelers, we called Delta and verified our flight was still on schedule to leave Friday night at 8:30.

After gambling all week, David still had most of his allotted gambling money left so he was ready to go for the gusto on the $1 video poker machine to the tune of $20. Talk about your "high rollers". After losing $10 bam, bam, bam, Diana says "This machine is no good. Cash out!" However, David is sure Lady Luck is just around the corner so he keeps going. Bam, bam, bam, there goes the last $10.

We have dinner at the Blue Iguana at Circus Circus.

At last we must bid farewell to the non-stop excitement of Las Vegas and take a cab back to McCarran International Airport only to find out that our flight through Atlanta has been cancelled and we are scheduled to fly a smaller aircraft to Cincinnati just before midnight. What do we do for the next four hours? We took the time to tour the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum located in the Main Terminal, an aspect of Las Vegas that few tourists take the time to appreciate. Unfortunately, that only killed about 30 minutes even for an airplane buff like David. After another 30 minutes of boredom, we decide to leave more money in Las Vegas by way of the video poker machines. We knew the odds were against us but there was nothing else to do.  Even worse, our flight was delayed and we had to spend another hour listening to Wheel of Fortune slot machines.

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