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Tuesday Afternoon, September 19, 2000

Sandy checks out the quality of the dam construction.  It looks a little taller from this side.  The maximum depth of the water behind this dam is 500 feet.

Traffic inches across the dam between Nevada and Arizona.

This is what 6.6 million tons of dam looks like from the bottom.

This is the bottom of the dam.  You can see the turbulence where the water exits from the power generators.

This is the same area viewed from the top of the dam.

This is the Colorado River downstream from the base of Hoover Dam.

We brave the desert heat to walk from Nevada to Arizona, a distance of 1,244 feet (379.2 meters).  Unfortunately, now we have to walk from Arizona back to Nevada and it felt like an oven outside.  I expected to look up any minute and see a massive brush coming from the sky to baste us with barbecue sauce.  We finally made it back to the parking deck and found our bus waiting with the air conditioner running full-blast.  I can tell you that a bus never looked so good before.

After this great dam tour, our bus took us to Henderson, NV for a buffet lunch at the Eldorado Casino.  It's funny that they allowed an hour and 45 minutes for lunch.  Oh yeah, they want us to have plenty of time for gambling.

After lunch, the bus took us to the last stop of our tour, the Ethel M's Chocolate Factory and Botanical Gardens.  The chocolate factory tour was disappointing.  The only thing we saw was employees cleaning up.  However, the botanical gardens were very nice.

David in the botanical garden.

Diana in the botanical garden.

To be continued.

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