To: Platinum Cat

From: Agent XXXXXX of the Afrikaats

CC: Feline Bureau of Investigation


Re: South African Spy Dogs (Declassified version)

Our human American agent, XXXX XXXXXXX, is taking real steps toward foiling the South Africans' plan. She has trained the South African spy dogs to release the gate latch so they can escape. Like most dogs, when they're in a pack, they think only of their own desires, not their duties. During the dogs' absence the Afrikaats were able to gain unrestricted access to the safehouse. They installed hidden cameras and microphones to monitor all activities throughout the safehouse. An archive of audio and video recordings is being maintained for your review. We must warn you, some of it is disgusting and quite perverted.

It may be possible for XXXX XXXXXXX to turn "Mr. Busy" into a counter spy. He seems open to suggestion and could be subject to Tactical Tabby influence. No South African has yet been able to resist the power of the American media. Assimilation is inevitable.

Our surveillance activities remain undetected.

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Copyright 2000 David Jones & Diana Hartman
Last revised: June 04, 2000.

(In case you're worried, this is a work of fiction.)