To: Platinum Cat

From: Agent XXXXXX of the Afrikaats

CC: Feline Bureau of Investigation


Re: South African Spy Activities (Declassified version)

The South African spies have infiltrated the United States. Posing as computer programmers, they have obtained key positions in banking and industry. XXXXXX XXXXXXX, XXXXX XXXXXX, XXXX XXXXXXX, and XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX are working at XXXXXXXX Bank in XXXXX XXXXXXXX. Their plan is to hack into the Federal Reserve and transfer all of America's money to XXXXXXXXXX Tobacco Company. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX, another spy at XXXXXXXXXX Tobacco Co., will send the money back through XXXXXXXX Bank as an international funds transfer to pay for imported tobacco from Zimbabwe. XXXXXX XXXXXXXX, an agent in XXXXXXXX, Zimbabwe will send the funds to their secret outpost in Namibia where the South African government in exile maintains their headquarters.

At first, we suspected the funds would be used to pay for mercenaries and arms but now we know the real plan. Once they have all our money, they can simply force the U.S. Government to replace the new South African government with their South African government in exile using the U.S. Military. In exchange, they will return 90% of the money. The American people will not be told in order to prevent a panic about the loss of the money supply.

The South African spy master in the U.S. is known only by the code name "Mr. Busy." He is a master of disguise sometimes appearing as a three year old child. Recently, we have learned that he sometimes goes by the name Michael, but we suspect this, too, is an alias. It is difficult for the Afrikaats to closely monitor "Mr. Busy" because his cell is guarded by two South African dogs. Therefore, we have infiltrated a human American agent, XXXX XXXXXXX, into Mr. Busy's inner circle and she is beginning to take small steps toward foiling their plan. We expect her to exert more influence over time.

Several American military planes reportedly crashed but were never found. These disappearances coincided with the presence of South African spies in the region. We suspect the planes were hijacked by the spies and flown to a secret airfield in Namibia.

Radio signals have been detected emanating from the southern part of XXXXXXX-XXXXX but have recently stopped. They may be repositioning their transmitter to a new safehouse. The spies are often on the move, frequently changing residences and vehicles to avoid detection. Their contacts from South Africa regularly visit for varying periods of time, usually one to three months, posing as tourists or ex-husbands.

Many of these contacts bring parcels from an operative in South Africa known only as "Mrs. Ball". Little information is known about this operative but the spies seem to greatly treasure these items.

Two recent contacts, posing as newlyweds, were monitored during their visit and appeared to be disappointed with current progress.

Our surveillance activities have remained undetected and will continue.

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Copyright 2000 David Jones & Diana Hartman
Last revised: June 04, 2000.

(In case you're worried, this is a work of fiction.)