Thoughts and Mewsings by Kudzu

We met Kudzu at the Forsyth County Animal Shelter, May 29, 2007.  They estimated that he was about one and a half years old.  After an extensive interview, he decided to adopt us and join us at our home.  After his "surgery", he moved home with us May 31, 2007.

IMG_1103    IMG_1104
He was still groggy from the anesthesia when he first got home so he mostly stayed hidden in the closet.  However, he was willing to venture out for a little quality lap-time.

One week later, we took him for his first visit to our vet at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital.  He weighed eight and a half pounds.  I think he's gained a few pounds since then.  He seems to like Purina One Natural Blends cat food but he insists on knocking food from his kibble tower to the floor.

Within a few days, he had made our home his home and was ready to pose for a few photos in the Living Room.  His red collar looked adorable on him and he didn't seem to mind it at all but it didn't survive his first trip outside.  We let him out for what was expected to be a short visit outdoors at sunset.  He finally showed up back home at 1:30am without his collar.

After two months, Kudzu is very comfortable here and loves posing for photos.

Kudzu likes to tell us that he combines characteristics of both Rocky and Monroe.  He's gray like Rocky but a binary like Monroe.  He's also a retired Tactical Tabby.

Copyright 2007 David Jones & Diana Hartman
Last revised: October 02, 2007.