Scratchings From The Litter Box

(Random thoughts and mewsings from Rocky)

A monthly column by Graylyn Rockford, Esq.

Oct. 11, 2006 -- Vol. XIII, No. 10

Rocky's Last Words

If you are reading this, I have gone on to my tenth life. I had a good run and lived a long and privileged life with my devoted personal humans. Every cat should be so lucky. Everything I did in my life, I did it for the kittens. I'm leaving my vast fortune to the Tactical Tabbies. Running a worldwide feline strike force doesn't come cheap. I have endowed a chair at Harvard Law School for the study of feline law and kitty rights. I have also donated money to Western Carolina University to fund a feline studies program. WCU is my personal human's alma mater and the home of the Catamounts. I know it won't be easy for my personal humans. It will be difficult for them to serve another cat and not compare it to me. Please don't send flowers or build memorials to me. Instead, adopt a kitten that needs a home or make a donation to your local animal shelter or humane society.

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